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Foster parents as workers

In giving advice recently, I was struck by the case of General Dynamics v Carranza. In this instance, the employee had previously received a written warning for frequent and repeated absence. Around 90% of his absence was attributed to disability. In this claim – for disability discrimination – the claimant was eventually dismissed for an... read blog


The danger of what we say in references

I will be honest! I am not specially a lover of written references. Rarely do they say something that a good interviewer should not be able to glean from a robust interview or some other fact finding mission. Often, references are over the top and overstate an individual’s calibre and quality, when actually the person is okay, but probably no more. Sometimes, they might give a small clue but recruitment processes have become so process’y and routine so as not to notice or read between a line when a big hint is being given! At first, I resisted those now more common place bland references that state designation and dates of employment only. But now I give advice that little more than that is appropriate and lays the provider open to all manner of complaint and challenge. ... read blog

Appraisals – why are they so hated?!
A conversation about performance reviews and why we get them so wrong

A client of mine had a 33-page appraisal form. Declined by the HR department if not properly filled out and the subject of a long interview with the individual member of staff. Twice a year. You know the rest. The form eventually landed in HR – properly completed of course – and was filed away carefully in the personnel file, never to be seen again either by HR or anyone else. Well, not with a view to any action anyway. ... read blog

Good Morale – where does one find it?
An article about morale in the workplace and what we mean by it.

Often, we hear about low morale. Usually along the lines of ‘morale has never been so bad’. And we all reflect that the mood in that workplace must be horrid and are glad that we are not part of it. Long faces, demotivation, lack of commitment or loyalty, poor communications, grumbling, grievances, ... read blog

Getting people changes right – an article on how NOT to do it!

I am aware of some attempted recent major changes in an organisation. It is hard to think that they could have been handled in a more insensitive or ill-thought way. It is not that they didn’t try – but they had neither the skills nor wherewithal to do it better, or the wisdom to employ the skills required ... read blog

A bad day at the office – Reinstating an employee after a successful ET application!

Sometimes one hears of a decision that is just a little silly. This might be one of those occasions! The case concerns an issue of reinstatement after an Employment Tribunal application. In this case, the order was to the Employer ... read blog

Oh no here we go again…

It must be that time of year. We raise it annually, or sometimes more often. Same old! Why does HR exist? What is the purpose of HR? Has HR got authority? Should HR sit on the Board?  And what is the outcome of all this? Again, same old! Zilch, other than a further ... read blog

Sticks and stone can break your bones but names can (never) hurt you!! – an article about nicknames in the workplace

Sticks and stone can break your bones but names can (never) hurt you!! – an article about nicknames in the workplace 01 June, 2016 Interested that a bit has been written in the last couple of weeks about nicknames et al. As the proud owner of an unusual name, I was never short in my childhood of variants to my name, some of which are easy to work out – ‘Tippy, Tips, Tipster, Mr T and Tippers’ ... read blog

Missing the point – on line assessment tests in the application process and the first 50 applications

I have no desire or intention to get caught up in a spat with my former employer – The Met – but that does not preclude me from commenting on their latest recruitment campaign to recruit a Head of HR Policy and Reward at a salary of £100k per year. I make no comment about the role or what it will be ... read blog




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