Good, innovative and practical advice and solutions based on many years of experience

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and straightforward.

Expert, innovative, practical advice and solutions based on many years of experience across a range of different commercial, public and quasi – public sector organisations. The coverage of experience is extensive whether it is in large corporate organisations or smaller companies. It spans many organisational, employment and HR issues.

Martin Tiplady, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, has a wealth of senior management and board-level experience in major, well known organisations. Over 25 years experience as HR Director with four different organisations has enabled him to carry significant influence within the HR world.

He is in regular demand as a speaker on various aspects of HR, most significantly change management, leadership, diversity and the cost and benefits of good HR. His extensive and practical knowledge of HR is respected as coming from a lifetime of senior and detailed working in complex organisations.

Martin has a considerable background in organisational change and design as well as leadership and organisational development. Demand for his services since establishing chameleon people solutions has mainly been in assessing organisations, how their workforces perform and how their performance and outputs can be improved. Assignments in commercial and public sector organisations have been successfully completed. Excellent client references are available.

Our approach is based on good briefing, research and assessment of the underlying issues. In wider reviews, we take time to get organisational input and opinion weighing these up alongside our assessment of organisational need. Our reports are simple, to the point and provide good logic for the changes proposed. We keep in regular touch with the client to ensure ongoing satisfaction. We remain alert to changes to the brief as our work identifies different aspects – always talking these through with the sponsor. Our fees are competitive and provide value for money.

If your requirements are about…

  • Change management – concept and management of delivery
  • Organisation management
  • Organisational design and review
  • Workforce assessment
  • Strategic HR functional assessment
  • HR policy design
  • Assistance with recruitment and selection
  • HR advice
  • Coaching or mentoring of senior business and HR staff
  • Confidential HR advice to chief executives and senior managers
  • Investigation, mediation and dispute resolution

Then please contact chameleon people solutions and we will respond and assist you with your enquiry.