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Elaine Cobb

Associate Consultant

Elaine is an experienced senior director and manager with over 30 years background in charities, local authorities and voluntary sector adult care services and voluntary sector fund-raising. Of particular interest is that she is well versed operating in highly regulated environments. As senior director for a large high street national charity, she carried personal responsibility to demonstrate compliance and good regulatory oversight. 

Elaine‚Äôs expertise in staff management is considerable. She is passionate about staff development, communication systems and creating meaningful and rewarding experiences which provide enhanced outcomes for the individuals involved – both clients and staff – and their organisations. 

Her key interests lie in values-based recruitment and values-based management and the  impact these have on workplace organisational culture and the consequential benefits to performance, profit  and service standards. 

Elaine is an experienced investigator and is excellent at sorting out difficult staff issues and disputes. She has considerable experience of carrying out investigations as well as chairing disciplinary  and grievance hearings and appeals.

Elaine has excellent interpersonal skills, is a pragmatist with considerable managerial savvy, an outstanding communicator and possesses expertise in problem solving.